Buffett and Munger Called the Pop of the Bitcoin Bubble

After yielding solid returns in 2017, bitcoin tanked over 73% in 2018.

Gundlach Sees a 25% Upside in Bitcoin, Still Advises to Get Out

Jeffrey Gundlach correctly called Bitcoin's (BTC) crash after the cryptocurrency's peak in December 2017.
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Jeffrey Gundlach: How to Survive the Market Zigzags in 2019

Jeffrey Gundlach expects 2019 to continue to be a volatile year. The last quarter of 2018 was quite volatile after a prolonged calm in the markets.

Most of Gundlach’s 2018 Calls Were Spot On—What about 2019?

So-called bond king Jeffrey Gundlach, who is also the CEO of DoubleLine Capital, has made his predictions for 2019 on a variety of topics.

Cryptocurrencies Could Prove Warren Buffett Wrong

Cryptocurrencies could have a tough time proving Buffett wrong. Massive volatility and frequent scams don’t make cryptocurrencies look attractive.